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You have agreed on a project and want to send photos for website creation? We will teach you how to do it in a few steps.

Step 1 – Installing the program

By clicking the download button, download the program 7 -Zip (https://www. to merge all the photos into one file and reduce their overall size. *Note* If you have a newer computer, click on the 2nd download button to download the 64-bit version.

How to send images for a website - Step 1 - Optimus development
How to send images for a website – Step 1 – Optimus development

Clicking on the downloaded file will open the installation of 7-Zip</ a> program. Install then close.

Launching the downloaded program

After opening the program installation file, click the Install button to install the program and then the Close button to exit the installation.

Installation of the downloaded program

Step 2 – Merge photos into one file (Archive creation)

Open the photos folder and mark all the photos for the website. Then right-click on one of the photos, select 7-Zip and click on the button Add to archive…

Adjusting settings for archive creation

After clicking on the Ok button, the archive creation process will start, and upon completion, a new zip file will be created in the photo folder.

Step 3 – Sending photos

Visit the website WeTransfer ( and click on the blue Accept button, then the blue I agree button.

Open the photos folder, find the new .zip file, left-click on it and drag it to the WeTransfer website.

Attaching the zip file to send

Filling out the submission form. 1. “Email to” field: enter the email address of the company you are sending the photos to 2. field “Your email”: enter your email from which you want to send photos 3. “Message” field: Optionally send a message with email 4. After entering the data, click on the transfer button so that a message with a confirmation code will be sent to your email address

Filling out the submission form

Open the email Your email address that you entered for sending and open the last message from WeTransfer. Copy the verification code, paste it into the form and click Verify. Once the upload is complete, the photos for the website will be sent.

Confirmation of your email and sending

You have successfully submitted photos for the website!