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Get a website for your business

Attract New Clients.

Elevate your business with a top-tier website that not only draws in visitors but turns them into your loyal customers. Harness the power of website design and development to achieve greater outcomes and attain the success you desire.

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Stand out your business
in the sea of competition.

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Is your company losing money
because it lacks a quality website?

Is your sales dropping because potential clients don't know why they should choose you over the competition? 📉

Is an overwhelming LOAD of tasks suffocating you, leaving no time to figure out how to create a client-attracting website? 🧲

Do you feel like you don't exist, nobody reaches out to you or wants to work with you? 😶‍🌫️

Clients are choosing the competition because their website clearly communicates the benefits of their service. 🎯

You're wasting time and energy tracking statistics to improve your website, but the improvements aren't converting more visitors into clients. ⌛

You're investing in marketing, and you've noticed that without a quality website, you're losing money. Your investment isn't returning, and your profits aren't increasing. 💰🔥

Increase your revenue with a new website!

Sell more services or products with a website that will make visitors feel and think, ‘This is it, they offer exactly what I need, I choose them!”

Get to know
your experts
for online success.

We succeed when you succeed! Our website development strategy is designed to turn visitors into your new loyal clients and boost your company’s profits.

Igor Tot osnivač i vlasnik izrada web stranica

Igor Tot

Founder & Owner

Martina Mijačević voditeljica marketinga izrada web stranica

Martina Mijačević

Marketing Manager

How to Get a Website That Attracts Clients?


Send us a message
or give us a call.

You provide us with basic company information
through the contact form or a phone call:

  • What is your business, and what do you offer to clients?
  • Do you have a website, and what is its current status?
  • What are your goals for the new website?


We're developing a website.  

  1. We go through a free workshop to determine:
    • Are you the right client for us and what goal you want to achieve.
    • Will the investment in a website attract clients to your company, or could you better allocate the money for your company’s development in another way.
  2. We develop the website, and you have complete control! We provide you with a personalized access to the website, so you can track the progress of development, stay informed, and provide feedback if you want to make any changes.


You're attracting new clients!  

  • Your website is live, connected with Google and your company’s social networks.
  • You stand out from the sea of competition, and visitors of your new website clearly understand – what you offer, why they choose you over the competition, and become your new loyal clients.
  • We’re here to assist you with any
    business development, website,
    marketing, and artificial intelligence-related needs.
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Ready to
improve your business?

Are you ready to supercharge your business and stand out as the go-to leader in the online world? We’re excited to hear your unique story. Our mission is to partner with change-makers like you, those who are shaping a brighter future. Don’t hesitate; send us a proposal request. Through an exclusive, no-cost workshop, let’s uncover how your vision can transform into a powerful reality.

Whom do we have the honor of meeting?
How can we reach you?
What is your company's area of expertise, and what do you aim to achieve with your new website?
  • When someone asks you, "What does your company do?" how do you respond? (In your own words, describe what you offer to clients.)
  • Do you have a website, and do you measure its performance?
  • What do you aim to achieve with your new website? (Increase revenue - Receive more service inquiries | Stand out from the competition...)
What would you pay for a website that's your 24/7 source of new clients?
Become a part of our successful clients.!

The decision is up to you.

Do you want to remain lost in the mysterious forest?

Imagine that you have the best products and services in the world, but even though you are the best – without a quality website and marketing, the world looks like a mysterious forest, where no one can find their way to you. You’re missing out on opportunities, potential clients don’t understand your value, and your company’s growth is limited.

Or do you want to stand out in the world of light?

Now imagine the opposite – you have the best products and services in the world, but with our superior website and marketing, you enter a world of light and clarity. People recognize you, order your products and services, understand their value and benefit, and your company is constantly growing.

Your new super powers.

Expand your capabilities with our invaluable, years of expertise – in your toolkit!

Graphic design
SEO optimization
Video production
3D modeling
Social media
Artificial Intelligence
App development
E-commerce Website Development
Market research

What do clients say?

Stop wasting money on unprofitable investments and start achieving real results with Optimus Development’s website solutions.

For most businesses, attracting new clients has become challenging without a quality website. At Optimus Development, we create websites that set your company apart from the competition, attracting new clients and boosting your revenue.

Free checklist!

Download our free PDF checklist and learn how to create a website that attracts customers.

Stop hiding from clients, stand out and attract them with a new website!