Achieve goals
Attract new
and customers with a website.
Make it easier for users or customers to find your business and show why is Your business the best choice. By creating a website, You will present your business more professionally and create a better impression that will encourage people to choose you.
Ostvarite više rezervacija - Izrada-web-stranica - Optimus development

Get more reservations

Show visitors why would Your accommodation be the best place for a vacation and attract new guests.
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Sell more services

Are you fast, high-quality or affordable? Explain why your services are ahead of the competition and expect new work.
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Sell more products

Enable customers to shop online and receive orders from around the world.

Our clients:

What to expect?

Features of
our websites

Izrada brzih web stranica - Optimus development


Click 1.5 seconds – Your website is loaded and displayed to the user.
Izrada sigurnih web stranica - Optimus development


zZz – Sleep tight, the website is protected from hacker attacks.
Izrada web stranica sa svrhom - Optimus development


11:00pm – Someone wants to know more about your service. Relax, the website will take care of everything.
Izrada web stranica koje su jednostavne za korištenje - Optimus development


Everything in the hand – In a few clicks, the user will find Your offer and how You work.
Why clients
recommend us?

We offer a simple and interactive
creation process that saves Your time

Know what
You pay for

Approximate web design prices

We are not inclined to form fixed prices, because each website is unique, as is each client. But we know that one of the most important questions is the price of the investment, so below you can find approximate packages.
Istraživanje tržišta - Izrada web stranica - Optimus Development

Market research

We research your competition, how you differ from them and how we will present you better.
Stvaranje profila savršenog kupca - Izrada web stranica - Optimus Development

Creating a perfect customer profile

We research who your customers are, how you help them, how important the service or product is, how they feel during and after the purchase…
Pisanje sadržaja - Izrada web stranica - Optimus Development

Copywriting with Your Tips

We write content for the website with Your profession tips, in order to achieve the best results in attracting users and customers.
Spajanje s Google Analyticsom - Izrada web stranica - Optimus Development

Connecting to Google Analytics

We connect the website to your Google Analytics account in order to have insight into the visitation and use of the website.
Obrada fotografija za Izradu web stranica - Optimus development

Acquisition of photos or editing

We will acquire stock photos for Your website (if available) or improve the ones You send us.
Osnovna SEO Optimizacija za tražilice tijekom Izrade web stranica - Optimus development

Search engine optimization

We do basic content optimization so that Your page appears as soon as possible on Google results when potential customers are looking for Your service or product.
Dodavanje Google karte tijekom Izrade web stranica - Optimus development

Google map

We add a Google map, so that customers can find and visit Your location more easily at any time.
Dodavanje kontakt forme za jednostavne upite tijekom Izrade web stranica - Optimus development

Contact form

We are adding a contact form, so that customers can immediately contact You, arrange a service or order a product.
Izrada web stranica koje su jednostavne za korištenje - Optimus development

Adaptation to phones

We fully adapt the website to mobile phones, because most potential customers and users come from them. (59.4% year 2022)
Zaštita od spam upita - Izrada web stranica - Optimus Development

Spam message protection

We integrate Google’s protection against unwanted spam messages into all contact forms so that they don’t disturb you.
Gratis dajemo domenu godinu dana uz Izrada web stranica - Optimus development

Domain (1. year )

We are giving You a .com or domain for one year. (By law, Croatioan companies and trades can register and use the .hr domain for free)
Gratis dajemo hosting godinu dana uz Izradu web stranica - Optimus development

Hosting (1. year )

We are giving You hosting for one year, on which the website will run. (If You already have hosting, we can place the website on Yours that You are using)

Ready for Your
new website?

We do not sell fog. We want you to see how will Your website look and explain how it will affect Your potential customers and users.
Be present

Why do you
need a website?

The reality is that the first step of communication with the user is no longer a personal visit, call or message, but a visit to your website. Most people will first open Google, research what exactly you offer and whether anyone has bought your products or used your services before. Why do they do that? They want to be sure that you can perform the service they need, that they will receive a correct and high-quality product, and that they will not be deceived. In order to increase the chance that the user will choose you over the competition, we create websites that create a positive impact and increase the trust of the potential user.
Igor Tot Founder of Optimus Development
We succeed
when you succeed

What will you
like about us?

Brzi odgovori i javljanje na poziv kada trebate Izradu web stranice - Optimus development
Fast responses and answering

Like everyone, we know that time is very important to you. Therefore, we try to answer the call or reply to the message as soon as possible.

Ne propuštamo rokove kada izrađujemo web stranicu - Držimo se rokova - Izrada web stranica - Optimus development
Meeting deadlines

We don't miss deadlines. We strictly stick to the agreed deadline for when Your website will be created or redesigned.

Poslovno i informatičko savjetovanje za Izradu web stranica - Optimus development
Help and consulting

You can always rely on us. We will be happy to share our knowledge with You and help You find the best solution.

Individualan pristup svim projektima - Izrada web stranica - Optimus Development
Individual approach

Each website requires an individual approach in order to achieve the greatest success in converting visitors into your new customers.

Ready for new
users and customers?

Choose professionals to create your website in order to achieve the highest efficiency in attracting new users and customers.
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