Our goal is to help You grow, launch products, and build lasting relationships with customers and users.

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Who are we?

We are a team of design, psychology and new technology enthusiasts. With our creativity, we come up with innovative ideas that solve all digital, design and business problems.

And what are the problems? For us, these are challenges that build our skills. We meet all challenges with an open heart, a desire to learn and a passion for finding the best solution.

What do we want? We want to provide our clients with a sense of reliability, security and trust. We want to simplify your understanding of projects as much as possible so that we can create the best solution together.

We are open, accommodating and we like to hear all opinions about projects.

Team Leaders

Driven by statistics

We believe that nothing is accidental and that even the smallest changes create a big impact. That’s why we monitor all project statistics in order to achieve success together.

Igor Tot - Osnivac i vlasnik - Optimus Development-2

Igor Tot

Founder and CEO

Martina Mijačević - Voditeljica marketinga Optimus Development-2

Martina Mijačević

Head of marketing

Key values

We love to teach, share and help

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