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Optimus Development is a company that contains all the solutions to your problems. The generous offer of various services is what makes us special.

In addition to the Great Offer of Services, we strive to explain to each client what we do, how and why. To show the client purpose of the project.

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We know we are the best because we love the work we do and we are equally excited about every new project. Our project is done when our clients succeed.

With many years of team experience and dedication to work, we easily come up with creative solutions for every part of your idea and we are always available to talk.

The beginning of Optimus Development

Optimus Development is a company that was founded a year ago with love and passion for the job I love. Namely, before starting the business, I worked in a company where a day off was compared to winning the lottery. Working hours were a minimum of 12 hours a day plus a half-hour meal break. It was an experience in which I learned what is the real value of free time and spending time with family.

As the expiration of the employment contract came with time, a new programmer position had just opened in Osijek-Baranja, and the current company decided to offer me a permanent contract. So I talked to my superiors about the opportunity for me to apply for a job as a programmer, so if the programming company doesn’t accept me, I will sign a permanent contract. To which I received an angry reply that there was no way of it happening. Either to sign a contract or not.

I decided not to sign the contract and apply for the programmer position. I sent an email to apply and got a task to create an app. I solved the given task and sent it back in a short time. To which I got a quick answer as to how the task was solved correctly, but they decided to hire someone else.

And so without a job, I continued to study and upgrade my knowledge of programming languages, modern design, creating websites, video games, mobile applications and more, and i got experience in every part of the IT field, and it was thrilling.

One day when I finished creating a website for a further family member, he decided to reward me for my efforts, commend my skills, and suggest how great it would be if I started my own business.

The idea was born; I decided to find out how everything works and what it takes to start your own business, what type of business to choose and many other things. When I had thoroughly researched everything, I started the opening process, and within a few days, the company started working.

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