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Igor Tot

Founder and CEO

Why did you start Optimus Development?

The reasons were created over the course of 7 years, and the first one came about when a friend asked me if I knew anything about websites and if I could make one for him. Curiosity was awakened in my programming spirit, so I started researching and not long after I finished creating my first website. I loved everything! And above all, the fact that something I made can be useful to anyone in the world. I researched more and more, from psychology and how the human brain works to design and effectiveness (UI/UX).


Another important reason is that before opening my business, I worked in a company where a day off could be compared to winning the lottery. The working hours were a minimum of 12 hours a day plus a half hour break for a meal (Now I sometimes work much longer, and I am much happier). It was an experience that made me appreciate and adore my job, my free time and spending time with my family.


Over time, the employment contract with the company where I worked came to an end, and a new programmer position opened up in the surroundings of the Osijek-Baranja County. The current company decided to give me a permanent contract due to high productivity, so I asked my superiors if there was a possibility for me to apply for a developer position, and if the developer company doesn’t accept me, to come back and sign a permanent contract. To which I got a cheeky answer that there was no question about it, either I will sign the contract or I don’t have to come back.


I refused the contract, so he applied for the position of programmer. The programming company sent me a task, which I solved in a very short time. They said it was correct and that they would get back to me, but they never did.


And so without a job, I continued to study and build my knowledge of programming languages, modern design, making websites for colleagues and family, video games, mobile apps and more. I tried myself in every part of the IT field and was delighted.


One day when I finished building a website for a friend, he praised my skills, rewarded me for my efforts and suggested I start my own company.


The idea was born, I asked how everything works, what is needed to start a company, what to choose d.o.o. or craft… When I thoroughly researched everything, I started the opening process and within a few days, the business started working.

Igor Tot - Osnivač i vlasnik Optimus Developmenta

What is your goal and what do you want to achieve?

I want to create workplaces and an environment where employees will come with a smile on their face, and not with a stomach ache. Where they will enjoy what they are doing and can’t wait until the weekend is over to continue creating their creations.


I want to pass all the joy to our clients, so that they feel relaxed and welcome. In addition to building friendly relationships, it helps us better understand exactly what problem the clients have and helps us design and implement the best solution.


When I put everything together, I want everyone to be happy and to be the best in all aspects of our work.

Igor Tot - Osnivač i vlasnik Optimus Developmenta

What is the most valuable thing you have learned so far in running Optimus Development?

Everything is valuable! But the most valuable thing is that I learned how to solve problems. Problems should be understood as challenges! Because when you come across a problem and say to yourself “oh we have a problem, we can’t go on” you stop. Instead, you should ask yourself, how am I going to solve this problem? Because then you continue to think and find ways to solve problems.

Igor Tot - Osnivač i vlasnik Optimus Developmenta

Do you have a saying?

We should always be ready to help and be kind to everyone. Because we don’t know the reasons behind the decisions they made.

Igor Tot - Osnivač i vlasnik Optimus Developmenta

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